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Top 5 Tips on How to Protect Your Eyes from UV

Ultraviolet radiation is part of the light spectrum that comes directly from the sun. While we know that sunlight has some health benefits, like helping in Vitamin D production, UV radiation is something we need to minimize our exposure to. Not only can prolonged exposure increase the risk of sunburn and skin cancer, but it can also damage your eyes.

Specific problems that may result from UV exposure include retinal damage, cataracts, and corneal sunburn. These risks are part of the reason why we need to invest in quality UV protection. Below are some important ways you can keep yourself protected.

  1. Wear Sunglasses

    Everyday activities like driving and swimming constantly put you at risk of getting exposed to UV radiation each day, which is why you need to invest in a good pair of sunglasses. Before making your purchase, check the labels first to see if these are certified to filter harmful rays. Additionally, polarized lenses can help filter out the glare from the sun. This helps reduce the strain on your eyes and allow you to move about more comfortably throughout the day.

  2. Use Car Window Tints

    Driving throughout the day can also expose you to harmful UV radiation. This is why installing window tints are a must for your car. Applying them can help reduce the glare from sunlight and aid visibility on the road. The last thing you need is to crash into another vehicle because you got blinded by bright sunlight.

  3. Use a Wide Brimmed Hat

    Having something to shade your eyes is a simple yet effective way to beat the sunny weather. If you think those hats are strictly for summer, then you might want to reconsider having them handy all year. Sunlight can still harm you in cloudy weather, so it’s best to have a hat with a 3-inch brim to shade your face. Alternatively, you can also use baseball caps to shield yourself when outdoors.

  4. Use a Blue Light Filter

    Sunlight isn’t the only source of UV radiation. Electronic devices like smartphones also emit these harmful rays in addition to blue light. Not only does it irritate your eyes, it also prevents you from falling asleep. This combination prevents your eyes from getting the rest it needs for the next day. One way to minimize your exposure from these sources is to download apps that filter blue light and UV radiation from your devices’ LED screens. If you have a habit of reading from your phones late at night, then these apps can be a handy feature to keep your eyes safe.

  5. Consider Contact Lenses with UV Protection

    Contact lenses are some of the most customizable pieces of eyewear. If you’re considering these to correct your vision, then investing in a pair to protect your eyes from UV radiation is also highly recommended. After all, you’ll be wearing these throughout the day. Getting in touch with an expert eye care professional can get you on track for choosing the right options for your contacts.

Here at Vision Source, we provide the best eye care service that’s suited to your personal needs. Contact us today to get started on your personalized treatment programs.