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What Is Corneal Reshaping and What It Can Do for You?

If the notion of laser surgery for your corneas sounds intimidating, then there’s good news: you won’t have to go through it if you’re looking for a more cost-effective and less risky alternative.

Corneal Reshaping Therapy (CRT) is a reversible, surgery-free treatment for your eyes. In the same way that braces reposition and adjust your teeth, this treatment uses specially-made contact lenses to gently adjust your corneas while you sleep.

Individuals with low to moderate myopia can avail of this treatment provided that their nearsightedness is within range of –6.00 diopters. Those with astigmatism up to –1.75 diopters can also take this therapy as well. Both of these problems can be easily corrected without having to undergo expensive and risky surgery.

If you want to see the benefits of this treatment and how it stacks up to other procedures like LASIK surgery, here are some perks you might want to look at.

Less Risk of Over and Under-treatment

Eye surgery carries different risks, among them is the chance of being undertreated or overtreated. Depending on the results, you might have to wear glasses or contact lenses even after the procedure is done, which defeats the purpose of the surgery. Other possible problems may include developing glare and blurring in your vision.

With Corneal Reshaping, there’s virtually no surgery at all. All you need are specially made contacts that are tailor-fit to your eyes.

It Avoids Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome is the when the tear ducts are unable to produce enough tears to keep your eyes moist, which is another risk of corrective surgery. This is a condition that causes discomfort, dryness and irritation in your eyes. Vision blurring is another common effect of this condition, which may or may not be permanent, depending on its severity.

It’s Available for Children

Another benefit of CRT is that there are no age restrictions for the procedure. Children 12 years and below are also eligible to receive this treatment as long as they undergo an eye exam and receive a recommendation from a doctor. If there are any special requirements due to the child’s age, these can also be considered beforehand.

It Works Like Contact Lenses

Contacts are convenient alternatives for eyewear and they can also help correct your sight. Unlike the normal contacts that you need to take out before sleeping, CRT lenses can be worn while you sleep. The best part is that the maintenance for them isn’t any different from traditional contact lenses either. Just be sure to wear them regularly or your vision will return to its original state within 72 hours.

Experts Are Ready to Help You

Getting an expert to help you with this procedure is crucial to ensure positive results from the CRT. Vision Source has doctors who can help assess your condition and recommend the best treatment plan that’s suited to your needs. Patients who want to have clearer vision can get access to expert care and consultation services from our facility in Lake Worth, Florida. All you need to do is get in touch with us to start your own personalized treatment here today.