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iScription Lenses by ZEISS

We’re guessing that you’ve heard of high definition television, but have you heard of high definition eyeglass lenses? i.Scription lenses by ZEISS are just that. Created using cutting-edge vision technology, these lenses provide individualized, high-clarity, high definition vision for patients. You will truly see the world in a different light when wearing i.Scription lenses.

Conventional eyeglass lenses can adequately correct for nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, but do not correct higher order aberrations (HOAs). The beauty of i.Scription lenses are that they eliminate HOAs because the lens is specifically designed with your unique eye characteristics in mind.

The experts at Carl Zeiss have designed a patented process by which patients’ eyes are individually mapped and analyzed and a customized lens prescription can be created for each patient. The results are lenses that create sharper, clearer vision in all lighting situations for patients.

That means less blurred vision, headaches and eye irritation than with conventional lenses.  One of the biggest changes that patients will notice between their old lenses and the i.Scription lenses is dramatically improved night vision, particularly when driving. ZEISS technology allows for better vision in low light situations by lessening reflections and halos, two factors responsible for accidents while driving at night.


How Does i.Scription Work?

Dr. Hetel Bhakta at your local Greenacres eye care clinic offers the i.ProfilerPlus technology to provide patients with their new i.Scription lenses. During your examination, she will use the device to measure more than 2,500 reference points in each eye, providing a unique profile of the intricacies of your eye. Dr. Bhakta then takes this information to create a customized prescription specifically made for your eyes.

In addition to better night and low-light vision with i.Scription lenses, colors will appear more bright and vibrant and contrasting colors will appear sharper.

What are you waiting for? Call PlanetVision today to make your appointment and experience the high definition vision you deserve.